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What to expect from a Hands On Call Massage In-Home Massage

A Hands On Call Massage session is a traditional Swedish style massage mixed with various other techniques, with sheets, oils, and a table all brought to the comfort of your own home! The licensed/registered practitioner will arrive at the scheduled time and set up the table in the area you have designated. The area only needs to be about the size of a twin bed and don’t worry if we have to climb a few stairs! While the practitioner sets up, you will fill out a form with basic medical information to ensure the safest, most efficient techniques will be used during your session. Please provide as much information as possible, it is to your benefit and is all confidential. Your practitioner will discuss any tensions or pains you have been experiencing to tailor the session just for you. The practitioner will communicate with you throughout the entire process from start to finish, but please speak up if you have any concerns, need anything, or just want a glass of water. This is your time.  You will be covered by the sheets at all times during your session and the practitioner will leave the room while you undress (have to wash our hands anyways!). All practitioners are professionally trained on how to tightly drape legs, arms, and the back to ensure only the area being worked on is exposed. There will never be a time where you should feel uncomfortable, so please speak up if you do! During your session, be clear about what kind of pressure you like, if you aren’t fond of your face being touched, if you LOVE foot massage, etc. please, let us know! Other than that, relax and enjoy! After your session, the practitioner will leave the room while you dress, and will take a few minutes to pack up the equipment. That’s it! For more tips on how to get the most out of your in-home session, please visit Tips on prepping for your massage Thank you!