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Strain Counterstrain/Trigger Point Therapy

Have you ever had a muscle ache you can’t get rid of or don’t know where it came from? There is a decent chance you have developed one or more trigger point(s). Trigger points are points in a muscle where a tiny strain has occurred and has not had a chance to heal properly. Initially, these points are sore, but can escalate into larger pain if they block nerve supply. A singular trigger point can cause migraines, numbness, fatigue, and burning sensations along the nerve line, but are very rarely singular. Usually, there are several within a strained muscle and several in the surrounding muscles as well.

Strain Counter Strain is a gentle work that eliminates these points. First, we identify the point and what muscle it is in, bring the body’s attention to it, then put the muscle into a relaxed state. This allows blood flow to get to the point and heal it. The whole process takes about 90 seconds, but is incredibly effective. Strain Counterstrain is usually worked into a Swedish massage but if you are having particular issues (a sore shoulder/hip), your practitioner may focus on this technique. Please be prepared to communicate during your session to get the best results!