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Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a style of massage customized for pregnant women and their changing bodies. Traditional Swedish Massage has a major effect on the circulatory system and utilizes less than optimal techniques and positions to resolve issues for pregnant women. Prenatal massage focuses on Myofascial and trigger point techniques and uses specialized bolster systems to provide the safest, most comfortable session possible. The specialization of this massage has proven in studies to yield such benefits as increased birth weight of the baby, fewer instances of complications, and even improved disposition of the mother after birth.

The body of a woman during childbearing changes in many ways and while adjusting to new dimensions, there can be a lot of pain and discomfort. Hormone levels aren’t the only things to change. The ribs and pelvis move, as well as organs shift to make room for baby, and the weight of all things necessary for the little one can put a strain on the body – especially the back. Aches and pains are not necessary to make a bundle of joy. Relieve them through prenatal massage while lowering your stress levels and giving baby a calmer environment to grow.


While this style of massage is safe for all stages of pregnancy, it is generally recommended for second and third trimesters. Consult with a physician as all pregnancies are different.