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Postpartum Massage

Postpartum massage is a greatly underutilized style of massage focusing on the relief of after labor and delivery tensions. The process of childbirth changes a woman’s body in many ways that can often be painful or uncomfortable. The ribs, pelvis, and vital organs are all moved and replaced after labor, with fascia (a continuous sheet of connective tissue that holds everything in place) encountering widespread readjustment. Postpartum massage consists mainly in finding trigger points, adjusting connective tissue, and bringing awareness to issues that may have developed.

All types of labor and delivery can benefit with attention to these structures and tissues, but there are a few major benefits. One is relief from C-section scar tension, or with vaginal births, pelvic muscles and gluteals can be left strained from pushing. There is fatigue and stress, and general soreness, which massage would benefit greatly.

Postpartum massage can be performed immediately after delivery (with doctor’s release), twenty plus years later, or anywhere in between. Mention it to your massage practitioner to see if you could benefit from a postpartum massage.