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Every part, muscle, fiber, and cell in your body is surrounded in a type of connective tissue called fascia. This tissue is one continuous sheet throughout the body, very effective in keeping everything in place. However, if there is an adhesion or restriction in one area, it can affect other areas. So if you have a scar from your shoulder surgery, it can pull on the fascia all the way down to your hip or even feet. Myofascial work (myo refers to muscle) focuses on releasing adhesions in the fascial tissue which in turn, will release tension in muscle tissue. There is no use of oil and the technique is most often described as feeling like a stretch. It does not stretch the skin, but focused intention will stretch the fascial tissue. It is not generally a painful or uncomfortable work, and may be very relieving. If you are interested in this work, please let your practitioner know before your session starts as it is difficult to perform once oil is applied.