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About Me

Meredith Lynch, RMP

  • Graduate of Baltimore School of Massage –Class of ‘11
  • NCBTMB certified
  • MD Registered Massage Practitioner
  • AMTA member
  • Prenatal massage certified
  • Owner of Hands On Call Massage

How I Found Massage

It’s a funny way I found massage. Well, really it found me as I was not actually looking at the time.

When I was in college trying to figure out what I wanted to major in, I started getting migraines seemingly out of the blue. I had never had them before and had no idea how to deal with the intense way they interrupted my life. At least once a day for two years I was hit by a migraine so fierce, I would lose vision in one or both of my eyes (not to mention the excruciating pain). This prompted several trips to emergency rooms, fearing I was actually having a stroke. These attacks impacted my job, my social life, my studies, and pretty much every aspect of life in general. I saw doctors and took pills. Nothing worked. It felt permanent and disease- like. I lost hope anything was going to get better and just accepted this was now my life.

Then a friend coaxed me into checking out a wellness center. Though reluctant to spend the money and having no idea what they would do, I gave it a shot. There I was made aware that I was probably causing my migraines through my daily habits, and thus might be able to fix them.  The concept that I was creating  my migraines and had not been stricken with some permanent disorder with was radical to me. I was fascinated and decided to stick with the treatment.

The result: no migraines after three short months.  It was not instant, required work, but was overall enjoyable and pain free. In the (7 so far) years that followed, I have had only one instance of a migraine. Otherwise, I’ve been able to keep them out of my life through awareness, self-care, and regularly applied bodywork.

Massage was and still is the most enjoyable part of my self-care routine.  I truly believe that if I had a self-care routine in place earlier, I would never have had migraines in the first place. Then again, I might not have gone into massage as a career, either, so let’s call it even, shall we?

Thank you,

Meredith Lynch, RMP