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Getting a massage is great, but getting the most amazing massage you’ve ever had ever is greater. Here are some tips to make your time a bit more special.



If you’ve never had a massage, or you have had several, an in-home massage is a quite different experience. Your massage will come to you and that’s a great thing, but people always ask me what to prepare for the massage. Well, there’s not really much to set up for a Hands On Call Massage. Everything necessary for your session is provided (oil, sheets, table, music, jokes, etc.). However, your mind space and body may enjoy a quick prep. Take a moment to clear your mind, de-stress the setting, and prepare to relax.


  • Hot Bath

Taking a hot bath does triple duty to prep for a massage. First, relaxation (of course).  If you’re one to be a bit self-conscious, it might help to know you’re all squeaky clean during your massage (we don’t notice very much in that way, so don’t worry anyways). Plus, your muscles soften from the heat, allowing the therapist to get more done, and you getting max results. So, break out the bath fizzies! – bath time is a go before your next massage!

  • Set up music and lighting how you like it

This one is something a lot of people don’t think of until they’re on the table and there’s a light shining in their eyes. You can set the lights however you are comfortable,  just leave a little bit of light to work with and get around. Dim lighting is usually the most relaxing, but if you prefer bright lights, that’s up to you. The only thing I can’t work with is total darkness  (for safety purposes). Alternatively, you can leave all the lights on and grab an eye mask – however you’re comfortable.

Music: Here’s a link to my Spotify playlist (Spotify is free with commercials) if you’d prefer your sound system vs. my portable one (I will always bring, and it’s a pretty decent quality for portable). Or if you are more relaxed by 90’s grunge music or EDM (no judgement), by all means feel free to make your own mix. This is about you.

  • Go to the bathroom

This one always makes people giggle. Inevitably, when you’ve had 4 lattes and I’m pressing on your lower back, you WILL have to tinkle. Go potty.

That being said, it is totally fine to drink something before the session also. Hydration is important. The massage will speed up your body’s processes during the session and you will get thirsty, so have a glass of water if you need to. It’s no big deal if you do have to get up during your session. I’d rather that than have your body gasping for water.

  • Stay away from (unnecessary) pain inhibitors

Over-the-counter analgesics (Tylenol, Advil, etc), prescription muscle relaxers, and yes, alcohol, inhibit pain. This is normally a good thing, however, they don’t just get rid of a headache. General analgesics numb in general. They numb ALL receptors. Since communication is the key to a safe and enjoyable massage, taking these just make our job a bit more difficult, especially for deep work. If you want deep tissue, and you’ve had a glass of wine and 2 Tylenol, you’re not going to feel pain and pressure accurately or at all, which is not safe. Please limit these around your session unless otherwise directed by a physician. If you must take them, please let your practitioner know.

  • Relax

Sounds silly, right? This is the reason most people get a massage! Sometimes it can be the hardest to just let go, though. There’s the stress of the day, the insecurities about our bodies, or the worries and schedules. If you need to, make a to do list (a to think about list, a to worry about list) before your session starts so you can really float away. For those who are self conscious I’M GOING TO PUT THIS PART IN CAPS BECAUSE EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW BODYWORKERS DON’T SEE HAIRY LEGS, FAT TUMMIES, OR SCARS. When I’m working, I’m envisioning the muscles and trying to figure out what’s going on that’s causing pain. Skin, hair, and fat are all things I just work with and through to resolve issues. You are fine and wonderful just the way you are. As long as you laugh at my jokes.


Please enjoy your massage. After all, it’s about being good to your body.


Wishing you well,

Meredith Lynch, RMP