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Cranial Massage

Cranial Sacral is a form of massage practiced widely across the world and is gaining momentum state-side as well. It is rather different from the Swedish massage you might have had before, though. Cranial sacral massage is a series of light holds focused on the central nervous system. There are no gliding strokes, and it is a very still work. It may feel similar to energy works, but cranial sacral is a physical manipulation of the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. A small, rhythmic movement while in the holds calms the central nervous system, in turn relaxing the entire body. Cranial is a good alternative or addition to Swedish style as it does not directly affect the circulatory system.  It can be performed with the client completely clothed or during a Swedish style session, and is great in the instance of tension and injury coinciding. A practitioner cannot work on an injured area, even if it feels good to a client, as there is potential to do more damage. Cranial is a great alternative to relieve tension as it does not work directly on the injured area, but rather on the body as a whole. Ask for a sample during your next session.