Sciatica- Pain In The You Know What

Continuing on my posts about the rear, today we are going to discuss something that happens when you don’t pay attention to yours.   As always, I’m a massage practitioner, not a doctor. These are “opinions” from my professional experience and should be read with the scrutiny of an eighth grade principal faced with a […]

Gluteus Maximus – Debunking the Trunk

So, you know what Glutes are, right? You’ve heard the term, “Gluteus Maximus” (in Middle School I’m sure), right? It’s like your butt muscle or something, right?   First let me state that I am a massage practitioner. Not a doctor, not a scientist, a sociologist, or a banana for that matter. This is all […]

Trigger Points -What’s That?

“I keep hearing you talk about Trigger Points. What are they? I’ve never heard of them before so they’re just the latest theory right?” – most people. “Let’s test this “theory”, shall we?”  – Me, reaching out to press a point on said person, causing a squeal only dogs and bodyworkers would register. (more…)

Pregnancy and Postpartum Certified!

So, I am now officially pregnancy and postpartum certified as a massage practitioner! I am so excited to explore deeper into the realm of bodywork I just discovered and overjoyed to share it with you all! Prenatal massage is a bit different from a traditional Swedish (relaxation) massage to make it safer and more beneficial […]