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Hands On Call Massage is a mobile massage service in Montgomery County, Maryland owned by Meredith Lynch, RMP.

Unlike a spa or resort, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to relax. If you are a busy professional or a parent with only nap time to yourself, Hands On Call Massage is a great option for you. Booking your session is easy with our 24 hour online booking, or call or text (240) 476-0470! 60 minute, 90 minute, and two hour sessions plus couples back-to-back sessions are available with no other hassles. We provide the table, sheets, oils, and music (if you’d prefer your own mix, great!) All you need is you and a space enough to work, usually 6’x8’. No traffic, lobbies, getting dressed up, or waiting are necessary for your relaxation. We take the work out of bodywork!

Please take a look at all of the services and techniques offered by Hands On Call Massage!

Hands On Call Massage

Maryland Mobile Massage

Schedule an in-home massage for yourself or a loved one. Please see the scheduling page for available times, read Tips for Prepping for an In-Home Massage here, or click our FAQs here.

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No, That's not bacon   If there is one muscle that I would pick for everyone to pay attention to, it's Psoas-Iliacus (well, it's technically two muscles, but hey) also known as your hip flexor. However, PI is probably the least known and least attended to muscle...

Advil and Your Massage: What You Should Know

Most times when someone tells me that their shoulder/hip/jaw/insert-body-part-here is bothering them, I look for tenderness there. Tenderness is REALLY important to effectively finding and helping said pain for many reasons. I often realize halfway through an area why...

Licensed Vs Unlicensed: Does it matter?

Is your massage practitioner licensed? Should it matter to you? If you have ever been walking through the mall when your shoulder starts to ache, you have probably laid down $10 to the guy with the massage kiosk. Sitting in the chair, the pressure applied feels...